Formed in 2002 by Wee Super Steve and Sideshow Maule as the new generation of Glasgow b-boys to keep the dance alive in the city and to continue it’s growth throughout Scotland. 

We set out on our journey as 2 guys who loved the dance and set a goal of not stopping until Glasgow was back on the map as a place recognised as a true b-boy city!
Since then we have developed a 30+ strong international family of Dancers, DJ’s, MC’s and Graffiti writers who all love Hip-Hop and want to preserve the true values of this beautiful culture.

Another goal of ours was to have our own studio to further ourselves, our crew and the next generation of dancers in Scotland. We accomplished this by having a venue for 10 years, 2004 -2014, at SWG3 in the west end of Glasgow but sadly that came to an end and we had to find a new place to call home.
We weren’t ready to stop (and never will be) so found a new venue in the south side of Glasgow with Glasgow Theatre Arts Collective from 2015 - 2016 to continue our work. Since the lease ended with GTAC we have been searching for a new permanent residency to call home again and continue to develop the next generation of Flyin´ Jalapeños and the Scottish dance community.

We have members from all over Scotland and from England, Holland, Germany, Poland, France, Sweden, Slovakia, Latvia, Lithuania, Philippines, Taiwan, Canada and China.


Whenever the Jalapeños are Flyin’ it’s always HOT!!!