Me Myself & I

 I started Breakin’ in 1998 and began teaching in 2000 in my local youth centre.
Since then I have travelled extensively throughout UK, Europe and North America competing, teaching, learning, sharing, exchanging and formed my crew Flyin’ Jalapeños in 2002 with Wee Super Steve.
We now have an international family of 30+ dancers, DJ’s, MC’s and Graffiti writers.

Over the years I have been dancing I have learned about other dance styles closely linked with Hip-Hop culture.
In 2007 I attended my first course in the style known as “Locking”, a style that is from the west coast of USA, which is more commonly associated with Funk music.
Also in 2007 I attended my first workshop in the style known as “Rocking”, a dance style originating from New York City, which predates B-boy/Breakin’ but helped lay the foundations for what was to come after.
In 2008 I took part in my first workshops in the style of “Popping” (West coast USA funk style) although I had been trying to pop from when I first started dancing after seeing the Run DMC Vs Jason Nevins video “It’s Like That”.
In the same year I attended Hip-Hop dance workshops to further my knowledge of different street styles to help me grow as a more all round dancer.

Another element of Hip-Hop culture that I have taken to learning is DJ’ing.
I was always fascinated with “cutting” and “scratching” records from when I first saw my friends do it but couldn’t afford the equipment at the time.
In 2014 I purchased my first set of turntables and began my journey as a DJ.

I’m thankful that I couldn’t afford to buy them when I was younger as I would not have went on to become a dancer and been fortunate enough to have experienced what I have already in my life. I think that being a dancer will help me become a good DJ as rhythm + timing are paramount to both these elements and I will know what people want to hear when out partying.

Hip-Hop culture has given me so much joy in my life and I’ve always wanted to share that with everyone and to pass it on to future generations that follow.